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Estudio Javier Jaén


Estudio Javier Jaén – Cartel en funciones


The ‘Centro Dramático Nacional’ (CDN), is a center of production and public theater creation of Spain, dependent on the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music, autonomous body of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. It has its headquarters in two theaters: the María Guerrero Theater and the Valle-Inclán Theater. In 2017 they commissioned Javier Jaén’s Studio to renew the identity, communication and posters of the 2017-2018 season.

The season launch was preceded by an intervention in the streets of Madrid; Thousands of posters announced the strange disappearance of a fish. When they see it, the passers-by are asked a question, a surprise, a smile, a doubt, they stop, they look around, and if they called the indicated telephone, a voice indicated that a new season of theater had begun, at that moment , with them as protagonists.

For the production of the different posters of the season the Studio counted on the collaboration of Nanouk Films, Lucas Doerre, Marçal Vaquer, Simón Sepulveda, Gacy Sarubbi and Ester Ferruz.

Javier Jaén


(Barcelona, ​​1983) He studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts in Barcelona, ​​New York and Budapest. His professional career has focused on press illustration, book covers, cultural communication, advertising, audiovisual projects and his own work. His work is related to a symbolic and ludic language. He looks for narrative and aesthetic scenarios in a close context, related to everyday experience, translating abstract concepts into concrete images.

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