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Eva Armisén ’30’
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Eva Armisén ’30’


Eva Armisén, life and a smile

The painter Eva Armisén knows that the world tends to lose colors, but she does not resign herself to it: her characters always smile. She also knows that we adults keep the child we were somewhere, so she winks the eye to the girl inside of us. And it gives us an imaginary universe that I wish existed, through a fresh, direct and sincere work. Her work connects us on the fast track with our most authentic self, with what we are when the masks fall.

Eva’s paintings are born of ideas that are embodied in words and that are integrated into the scene without wanting to bother. They do not have the relevance of a title or the excessive discretion of a footnote. These words are part of the final landscape, sometimes twice: raw and net. Because the artist shows us the result but also the process of creating the work. She shows us the layers of the dress to imply that she has nothing to hide. She strips and undresses. Both you and I, like the pencil or brush figures, are beings in construction that we advance based on successes and mistakes. That we accumulate doubts and desires. That we nurture beauty to face fears.

Exhibition ’30’

Thirty years after having landed in Barcelona, Eva has today the energy of maturity, of who knows where she is going and how she arrives. She knows herself more than ever and does not intend to give up being who she is, now that she has learned to undo the steps that lead nowhere, now that she steps on the city and the countryside with the peace of mind of being on the right foot, now that Find the truth even before looking for it.

Starring often for her alter ego in two dimensions, the paintings of Eva Armisén are made to love. They push us to bring out the best version of us. They invite us to read the poetry camouflaged in the small cuts of life, to look at the flower that grows against the asphalt. We are aroused by the pride of being women, as fragile as everyone and stronger than anyone else. They encourage us to swing until we touch the sky and return. They help us separate the grain from the chaff, and they infect us with joy and desire to smile, even if it is so low.

Eva Piquer, writer and director of catorze.cat

Eva Armisén ’30’. Paintings, drawings, graphic works and sculptures
Opening: Friday 10th 19h
Drinks thanks to Moritz and Monólogo vino.

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