“La Escuela: Una historia de africanos y europeos en el sur de Senegal”
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“La Escuela: Una historia de africanos y europeos en el sur de Senegal”


Javi Royo tells us: The story of this book started one day when a friend called me and told me they were starting a school in Thionck Essyl. It is a small village in the south of Senegal, in an area surrounded by rivers, mangroves and very beautiful birds, Casamance.

He was in charge of finding money for the project and asked me how I could help him. To me the project seemed like a pass. It is a social project with great quality in terms of architecture and construction, and also cheap. Where all the work and its development is done with people from there, with local people.

Then I proposed that I could travel to Thionck Essyl to do an illustration workshop with the children who would later be the users of that school. With the drawings they made in my workshop and my drawings we could make a book that spoke not only of the school, but of the life there. Talk about the vision and the topics that we have of black Africa. And also of the topics that Africans have of life in Europe.

And the result is this book. In it I have several relations between Africans and Europeans that take place with the construction of the school as a background. Travel from Europe to Africa and Africa to Europe, with all the desires, all the desires and attraction that one continent exerts on the other. It is a book of stories of love and lack of love.

I would like everyone to buy the book and give it to whoever you want, because the school is a project that has not yet finished.

All money that we collect with the book goes integral for the construction of the school, for bricks and wood.

As Mandela said, “education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”

Javi Royo.

Foundawtion website: http://www.foundawtion.org

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