Laia Arqueros & Gina Thorstensen: ‘Cosmogonies’

Laia Arqueros & Gina Thorstensen: ‘Cosmogonies’

26/9/2018 - 9/11/2018

‘Cosmogonies’ 26/09/2018 – 9/11/2018

The exhibition ‘Cosmogonies’ brings together a selection of pieces by the artists Laia Arqueros (Almería, 1985) and Gina Thorstensen (Gjerdrum, Norway, 1980). The works of Laia Arqueros belong to the series ‘Baubo save me, essay for a ritual’ and those of Gina Thorstensen to ‘Brotan’. Both were made during the years 2016 and 2017.

The work of Laia Arqueros starts from classical iconography and mythology to end up generating a completely personal discourse. Her work has Byzantine, Greco-Roman or Japanese reminiscences. Her particular genre archeology is narrated through anthropomorphic figures, mainly feminine. Sometimes those figures are mysterious, and even cryptic. Like the sphinxes or harpies, their figures have a symbolic meaning, in this new case, linked to the personal experience of the artist and to her own life.

On the other hand, Gina Thorstensen’s work is characterized by a constant search. Her research allows her to abandon the forms of the figurative tradition. From the observation of nature, matter and the organic, she creates a unique universe where life seems to emerge as a constant that does not end.

Through disciplines such as drawing, engraving, sculpture, performance or video creation, these two artists generate complex and personal universes. They have two differentiated universes, two parallel worlds that coexist in the same temporal space, establishing intense dialogues between both of them. Its cosmogonies lead us to think about the course of time, about order and chaos, about the micro and macrocosm, and about the relationship between artistic creation and life.

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‘Cosmogonies’ at the Barcelona Gallery Weekend, special programming

29/09/2018 ‘Test for a ritual’, Sound action by Laia Arqueros with Mar Cianuro and Larry Rodríguez.

27 y 28/09/2018 Guided tours with the artists


Resident in Barcelona since 2008, she develops her artistic activity between illustration, engraving, ceramics and audiovisual projects.

GINA THORSTENSEN (Gjerdrum, 1980)

Gina Thorstensen is a Norwegian artist. She works in illustration, animation and sculpture, experimenting with all kinds of materials and formats.

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