Rafa Castañer
Rafa Castañer: “Biografía inventada de Hernández Pijuán”
  • Rafa Castañer - Biografía inventada de Hernández Pijuan

Rafa Castañer: “Biografía inventada de Hernández Pijuán”


Rafa Castañer and the “Biografía inventada de Hernández Pijuan”

“Biography invented by Hernandez Pijuan” is:

An answer to the work of the painter Hernández Pijuan, a response in the form of an invented, imagined, dreamed biography.

An art mediation work in the form of comic book, a way of understanding and studying the work of this artist. A creative act that tries to understand and explain another one.

A celebration in the form of an exhibition. A story about the meaning of language.

A look at the idea of landscape as a tool for emotional communication.

Rafa Castañer

Rafa Castañer was born in Barcelona in 1971. He studied at the Massana School, which is still linked to his teaching work. His work has appeared in the press, advertising and publishing houses, keeping as constant the narrative experimentation with various formats (installations, photographs, interventions in space, animation, comics and collages).

I am a narrator who uses illustration, drawing, painting, animation, comics or performance to explain and explain. I like to explain. I like to develop characters, scenarios, landscapes and investigate what is the right way to do it.

Each story has its own language, its way of presenting itself to the world.

My career is developed through these research processes and I offer the result.

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