Roberta Marrero: dibujos y collages
Roberta Marrero: ‘dibujos y collages’
  • roberta marrero - dibujos y collages y el perro verde

Roberta Marrero: ‘dibujos y collages’

04/05/2017 - 23/06/2017

Roberta Marrero, ‘The green baby’ & ‘Drawings and collages’

2017 is undoubtedly the year of Roberta Marrero. Roberta, an artist from Madrid, celebrates her most recent successes and the recognition of her work with an exhibition in Galería Cromo. The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 4, 2017, and will be a double reason for celebration.

The book: ‘The green baby, childhood, transexuality and pop heroes’

In addition to introducing the exhibition, Roberta Marrero will also present her second book ‘The green baby, childhood, transexuality and heroes of pop’, a very personal book. The book is a graphic novel that portrays the lights and shadows of growing up in a recent place and time, bathed in pain and loneliness. In her childhood music, film and television were the windows open to a different world, a reality that people like Roberta Marrero still strive to build. It is a very good opportunity to know the revelations of an artist who works with autobiography as a raw material for her creations.

The exhibition: ‘Drawings and collages’

The presentation of the book will lead to the opening of her solo exhibition in Barcelona, ​​’Drawings and collages’. This title is a reference to the defining techniques of her works. ‘Drawings and collages’ shows recent works with her personal style, in which the private becomes political and the own, vindication. Glamour and  esoteric are mixed, pain and pleasure, sex and poetry, in a personal walk through love and death.

18:30 Presentation of the book “The green baby”
19:30 Opening of the exhibition

We will have the presence of the artist.
Drinks thanks to Moritz Beer & Monólogo vino.

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